Are our roads any safer?

by Paul Smith


Recent Government statists suggest they are

A careful study of the latest Government figures (taken from 2012) for road traffic accidents involving death or injury have fallen again. Only as recently as 2009, the picture was far grimmer with approximately 25,000 more accidents involving death or injury a year.

                     Death          Serious Injury        Slight Injury

2009              2,222              25,000                 195,000

2012              1,754              23,039                 170,930     

These statistics however are only those accidents reported to the Police.  Many accidents go unreported, and it estimated the true total number of casualties could be as high as 730,000 a year.

Common causes for these unneccessary accidents are:

Speed - 400 people a year are killed due to someone exceeding the speed limit or driving too fast for the road/weather conditions

Drink Driving - 280 people die in crashes where someone is over the legal drink drive limit

No Seat Belt - 200 lives a year could be saved if everyone wore seat belts

Careless Driving - 300 people are killed because someone was "careless, reckless or in a hurry" and a further 120 involve agressive driving

At Work - one third of all fatal and seriously injuried accident victims involve someone at work

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